Callaway Pepe is a *venerable character inspired by his “real life” counterpart Callaway Pepe who is a *”rescue dog” from Ensenada, Baja California. Callaway has become an iconic figure and the co-star of “Cal & Lulu TM along with “Lulu,” his English Bull Terrier friend. Together Cal and Lulu *embark, pardon the pun, on countless adventures in DOGiCITY™ U.S.A. a magical place that exists in the imaginations of those folks who understand the role of canines as “man’s best friend” and believe that the musings of our furry friends might be just what society, in general, needs every time that it takes itself too seriously. While Cal seems pretty laid back most of the time, he remains a “closet *iconoclast” just waiting to poke fun at the “establishment” when the opportunity presents itself. Rumor has it that Cal might also be the inspirational, self anointed “world saving” canine “Ort Mutt” who appears in time of extreme importance when there is a need to clean up an *ort or two. To surmise that food is an important part of Cal and Lulu’s agenda here in DOGiCITY is indeed, an underestimation of the situation. Cal, & Lulu and Ort Mutt and Lola’s *cogent motto is eat hearty but “Don’t ever eat the yellow snow.”